The Jaguar Primary School Challenge has its own rules and regulations but the judging process is the same as the secondary school challenge. The Teacher’s handbook (Rules & Regulations) will provide you with all the relevant information needed, from setting up the project and delivering it within your school right through to competing at Regional’s and the UK National Finals (Please click on the "Downloads & Useful Resources" tab to download the Teacher's Handbook).

Students are challenged to form a team of four pupils and design a race car out of 160g/m² card, complete with wheels, body and even a mini driver. They will design and manufacture a body shell to fit a standard chassis using template software before printing/cutting their designs onto card and then making their car ready to race. Silhouette Cameo cutters used must be able to perforate but not score (other cutters such as a Roland Camm1 must not be used for safety reasons).

IMPORTANT: The secondary and primary schools participation in the challenge will be by invitation only. The challenge works by secondary schools becoming a HUB to work with and engage its partner primary schools, mentoring and supporting them through the project up to the regional final. The secondary school will host the regional heat with the support and aid from F1 in Schools.


The Design Brief

You are the design team commissioned to research, design, manufacture, test, promote and race the fastest car possible, driven by compact compressed air. In order to enter the championship, you should form a team of four students and allocate each team member a job role within your group. Ideally, one role should be allocated to each person,

The following job roles should either be covered by each team members or your team as a whole.

Team Manager (maximum 1 person) - responsible for managing the team, ensuring that the primary and back up cars are ready for the finals. The team manager works closely with all members of the team, offering assistance where necessary including promotion, marketing, manufacturing and sponsorship.

Manufacturing Engineer - responsible for advising team members on the manufacture of the car and the constraints of the machining process. Manufacturing engineers will need to liaise with the design engineers to report and help solve any problems with the construction of the car.

Design Engineer - responsible for the styling and aerodynamic performance of the car design. The design engineers will need to liaise with the manufacturing engineers to ensure their ideas can be realised.

Graphic Designer - responsible for producing the colour schemes applied to the vehicle, including any special sponsorship decals, together with the final graphic renderings and any additional marketing material. The graphic designer will liaise with the design engineer to ensure any schemes will fit the shape of the vehicle.


There are so many tasks that must be mastered, in order to design, manufacture, prepare and finally enter a car for racing, teamwork will be vital to your success. A real F1 team succeeds because all the people learn to work together and support each other. Remember, no one person is more important than other members in the team.