Turbocharged, a team of students from Wilmington Grammar School were very excited to beat stiff competition and be crowned F1 in Schools Bloodhound SSC Class  F1 in Schools UK National Champions 2014 repeating their success of last year.

It’s been many months of hard work for the team of 14 year olds.  Led by Samuel Webb  with team members  Beau Gutridge, Manufacture Engineer;  Adam Cavender , ICT Engineer;  Aaron Warr, Assembly manager and Ned Hayward , Resource Manager, Turbocharged took home the trophy at the event held at the Big Bang Science and Engineering Fair in Birmingham after impressing the judges with the quality of their work, their unique racing car design and the approach they took to making their scale-model.

Designing a land speed record car, testing its speed, creating a team identity and giving a presentation to a panel of judges were among the tasks which the team undertook in this competition. As well as winning the Bloodhound SSC title Turbocharged also won the Research and Development Award.


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