Bullet Racing, a team of students from PETROC, Barnstaple,  with team members Ben Heywood, 17; Mateusz Grabusinski, 17; Corrie Parkhouse, 17 and Charlie Guppy, 16 and Kirby Brown,16 won the F1 Class.

Ben said of winning through to the F1 in Schools National Finals, “I'm quite surprised we've won actually, we really didn't think we would. We've learned so much about how to design a car and everything. We've enjoyed making the car, which is very unique. The racing is the best part of the challenge. For the nationals, we'll make some improvements to our car and to the pit display. I reckon we can win there.”

A team of students from The Crypt School, Gloucester, Symscape Quantum Racing, with team members Jack Mclaren, 17, Team Leader; Alice Paddock, 16, Media Liaison Manager; Cameron Fern, 18, Resources Manager; Jacob Lange, 18, Marketing Manager; Giuseppe Li, 18, Manufacturing Engineer and Matthew Skelding, 18, Design Engineer won the Team Identity Award and were Runners Up in the F1 Class.

Cameron said of winning through to the F1 in Schools National Finals, “We feel really good about getting through to the national finals. We know where we can improve, but in general we're very happy. We've been to the nationals before and had a great time, so we're looking forward to doing it again. We know that we can have a very competitive car and team. The teamwork is really good fun and gaining experience on a career path which I enjoy.”

Strode College and Theatre team,  Venom, with team members Alex Willsher, 17, Team Manager; James Proud, 16, Design Engineer; Daniel Rolls, 17, Manufacturing Engineer and Alexander Hurr, 17, Resource manager won the Team Sponsorship and Marketing Award, Best Engineered Car and  Best Rookie Team in the F1 Class.

Alexander said of winning through to the F1 in Schools National Finals, “We feel it went great - actually, some things went great, but there were a few problems with the car which we had to change, but apart from that, I think our presentations went well. We've enjoyed watching the cars race and we’re looking forward to the nationals. We'll be making changes to the car to make sure it works properly for that day.”

Public Eye, with team members Josh Connolly, 14, Team Manager; Alfie Johnson,13, Manufacturing Engineer; Finn Carnell, 13, Design Engineer; William Street, 13, Resources Manager won the Bloodhound Class and has the Fastest Car in the Bloodhound Class.

Josh said of winning through to the F1 in Schools National Finals, “We think we've done really well today. We'll make some changes for the National Finals, we need to improve our portfolio. We've really enjoyed taking part in F1 in Schools. The chance to compete against other schools and it's a good experience.”

Sister team, The Black Ravens, with team members Harry Tully, 13, Team Manager;  Miles Martin, 12, Manufacturing engineer;  Gabe Riedlinger, 12, Resources Manager; Aneurin Wilson, 12, graphic designer; Jacoc Honnor, 12, and Jack Green, 13 were Runners Up in the Bloodhound Class and won the Judges Discretionary Award.

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