Early last week a group of undergraduates studying Mechanical Engineeering at UCL visited Denford Ltd. to find out exactly how F1 in Schools works. 

The undergrads spent the entire day fully engrossed in the processes that a typical F1 in Schools team would undergo, from the design of the car, to the manufacturing, and all the way to the racing, its fair to say it was a fun filled day had by all.

Testing their reaction times, racing the cars and talking with Denford's technical team, the undergrads got a full crash course and were very impressed with the challenge. 

"Unions between higher education and F1 in Schools is of the upmost importance, as it is our mission to encourage young students to get involved with engineering, and university is often the next step in our competitor's lives." Andrew Denford, Chairman of F1 in Schools says. 

We are sure that this is no doubt the start of a very exciting relationship.

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