F1 in Schools – The Formula One Technology Challenge'

F1 in Schools, the global motorsport design challenge for school children, was given a turbocharged boost yesterday, when it was announced that Bernie Ecclestone's Formula One Management company has licensed it the rights to use a new specially designed livery and trademark protected logo. 

The agreement supports F1 in Schools in its drive both to encourage high-technology engineering skills and teamwork among school children, and to encourage sponsorship to fund its present rapid expansion. For Formula One Management, the deal represents an investment in future technology skills that Formula One needs in order to stay at the forefront of automotive engineering, while helping pave the way for future growth. 

F1 in Schools Patrons

F1 in Schools' association with Formula One was strengthened further with the announcement of the Challenge's new patrons, engineers from the front line of Formula 1 competition: Sam Michael, Technical Director of Williams F1, Ross Brawn, Technical Director of Ferrari and Mike Gascoyne, Technical Director of Toyota F1. The event was hosted by the Challenge's other patron, James Allen, ITV's lead commentator on Formula 1 at the Cass Business School.  

Ross Brawn, the engineering brains behind Michael Schumacher's seven F1 world championships, said “My career in engineering started as a youngster because of an enthusiastic father and a Meccano set. 'F1 in Schools' takes the idea to another level and contributes enormously to the education and enjoyment of these young people. There is such a broad range of disciplines along with the need to be part of a team within a competitive environment. You can see the sheer enthusiasm they have and it is great that all this enthusiasm is channelled into engineering and Formula One. These are our engineers of the future and our future is engineering…….” 

Student Scholarships at the City University, London

During an inspiring evening, F1 in Schools' new education business partner City University, London, announced that it would award six engineering scholarships annually to the Challenge's International World Champions -  an award worth in excess of £250,000. 

Bernie Ecclestone, the CEO and Chairman of Formula One Management, said, “We are delighted to be supporting F1 in Schools. It is extremely important to our sport to encourage young people to enter the world of high-performance engineering. F1 in Schools is a truly global challenge, which meets all the objectives of our business.”

Challenge patron Sam Michael said: “The level that they've gone to, looking at things like manufacturing techniques, CAD/CAM, CFD, studying levels of friction – it's fantastic that kids of 12 years old are looking at that sort of thing.

It puts the awareness of Formula 1 into schools at an early stage.” 

 F1 Factory Tours for Winners!

 As part of it's support of the Challenge, the winners of the 2005 F1 in Schools Technology Challenge will be invited to the Williams F1 factory in Grove to see how a real F1 team operates.

“There will be a series of four presentations from myself, the chief designer Jorg Zander, chief aerodynamicist Loic Bigois and head of CFD, Nathan Eagles,” said Michael.

“In between there'll be a tour of the factory and all of the manufacturing plant, race and test teams and sub-assembly groups so they can see how things are designed and built.

And then finally there will be a tour of the museum so they can see a bit of the history of Williams.

So we hope it will give them an insight into what it's like to actually design a Formula 1 car.”

With new opportunities arising thanks to the support of Formula One Management and from the Challenges' new patrons, F1 in Schools is looking forward to its best ever championship season.

F1 in Schools, the global motorsport design challenge for school children, was given a turbocharged boost yesterday....

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