F1 in Schools has launched a dedicated video tutorials platform for its highly successful STEM linked educational initiative. The F1 in Schools Learning Channel is a dedicated portal that delivers a series of 22 films that cover all the judging elements of this technology challenge. The platform is an invaluable tool for students and teachers already engaged in the programme as well as those considering introducing it into the classroom or as an afterschool activity.

The F1 in Schools Learning Channel has been developed to deliver the main components of the F1 in Schools Technology Challenge in a format that is easily digestible and resonates with its target audience. Eight modules cover the key elements, with each module distilled further to offer students an in-depth analysis of the skills and work needed to take on the challenge. 

The video tutorials engage with students through their delivery style, with advice from past and present students who have successfully completed the challenge. Team members at the F1 in Schools World Finals 2015 share their first hand knowledge, giving in-depth insight into the work they did for the competition, tips on how to tackle the challenges presented and their own experiences of the F1 in Schools programme.

Andrew Denford, Founder and Chairman, F1 in Schools says of this innovative learning platform, “We’re very excited to be launching the F1 in Schools Learning Channel and bringing a new way for students to learn more about the initiative, understand the different elements contained within the competition and be shown how to take on the challenges it poses.

“The bite-sized modules can fit in with classroom tutorials,” adds Andrew. “They are also designed to help students get involved in F1 in Schools with minimal input from teaching staff, encouraging students to be self-starters and use their own leadership and teamwork skills to participate.”

He concludes, “We recognise the importance of delivering the programme content in a format which allies with current teaching methods, fits with classroom schedules and appeals to students’ preferred learning styles. The F1 in Schools Learning Channel videos are presented in a format that educates in a fun, enjoyable way, engaging students through their peers’ experiences, shared with passion and an obvious enjoyment of taking part in F1 in Schools.”

The F1 in Schools Learning Channel has been developed by BOOM Productions with the NAC Group and is one of a series of responsive Learning Channels, designed to deliver high-quality, engaging training content to the manufacturing and education sectors. The channels provide access for learners to complete structured courses, comprising of modules broken down into video tutorials, streamlining the delivery of learning materials and making them accessible to users anywhere at any time.

F1 in Schools, the Formula 1 Technology Challenge, is a multi-disciplinary STEM educational initiative, which uses the global popularity of Formula 1 to engage with students and encourage them to consider the scope of engineering and the career opportunities it offers. F1 in Schools challenges students to create their own Formula 1 team which is commissioned to design, construct and race the fastest miniature Formula 1 Car of the Future; a 21cm long scale model built from a modelling block and powered by a compressed air cylinder. Each team of between three and six students creates a ‘pit’ display and showcases their work in developing their race car, with a verbal and written presentation for the judges. The teams then race their model cars on a specially designed 20 metres test track, with the cars covering the distance in around one second.

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