Torque Racing from Sprowston Community High School, Sprowston, Norwich, took the honours in the F1 Class of the competition as well as winning the Fastest F1 class Car and the Best Engineered F1 Car awards. Academy Racing from WMG Academy, Coventry, were runners up in the F1 Class and close behind in third it was Sixth Degree from Kings School, Worcester. Zoom from Chipping Campden High School won the Bloodhound Class and Black Ice Racing from Aylesbury High School celebrated the Rookie Class victory. Dream Team from Shireland Collegiate Academy, Smethwick won the Judges Discretionary award and joins the other five teams at the F1 in Schools National Finals for their success.


Torque Racing reflected on their win, saying “It was great to take first place in the F1 Class, you can’t get better than that and we didn’t expect to get Fastest Car and Best Engineered as well. We’re really excited about going to the Nationals and the possibility that we could get to Singapore – that would be amazing.”


Zoom were delighted to win and said of the competition, “We’re very excited to be going to the National Finals. Our design and engineering gave us the edge over our competition we think. We’re hoping we’ll have a good chance of winning at the Nationals, but we think it will be quite tough.”


Black Ice Racing added, “We’re very proud. Our team worked really hard, so that paid off. It’ll be hard work to win the Nationals, but we’ll try our hardest, especially if we could get to Singapore. We’ll change our car design for the Nationals to make it go faster and hopefully he can win.”


Dream Team were surprised to win through to the Nationals, saying, “We were quite confident of winning, but when another team were faster than us we thought we wouldn’t get through. Now we want to win in Birmingham. We’ll make quite a few changes for the Nationals, improving our car and our display.”



 Full list of Winners:


Torque Racing, Sprowston Community High School, Norwich

First place F1 Class, Best Engineered F1 Class Car Award, Fastest F1 Class Car Award


Academy Racing, WMG Academy, Coventry

Second place F1 Class, Innovative Thinking Award


Sixth Degree, Kings School, Worcester

Third place F1 Class


Zoom, Chipping Campden School

First place Bloodhound Class, Best Engineered Bloodhound Car, Fastest Bloodhound Car Award


Black Ice Racing, Aylesbury High School

Frist Place F1 Rookie Class Award


Formula Credimus, King’s Leadership Academy, Warrington

Best Engineered F1 Rookie Class Car Award


AHS 2, Aylesbury High School

Fastest F1 Rookie Class Award


Dream Team, Shireland Collegiate Academy, Smethwick

Judges Discretionary Award, Team Identity Award


Trinity Arc, Sidney Stringer Academy, Coventry

Best Research and Development Award


Greypaul Racing, Rawlins Upper School and Community College, Loughborough

Team Sponsorship and Marketing Award






TORQUE racing: Josh Herring, Ishaaq Tolentino, Lewis Love, Tyler Rolfe, Ryan Mayes, Connor Doughty with Daniel Lock-Wheaton, AUEA Vice Principal

Zoom, Christopher Bridges, Noah Booker, Oliver Fisher with Daniel Lock-Wheaton, AUEA Vice Principal

Black Ice Racing, Umme Alam, Sita Morjaria, Gul Kaur, Anvita Reddy, Amelie Austen with Daniel Lock-Wheaton, AUEA Vice Principal

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