Reigster NOW for UK Regional Finals

The 2009/10 UK F1 in Schools season is open and don't forget to register your team(s) before registration closes on Friday 30th October (for Northern Ireland teams registration will close 1 week before your regional final.)  There are many exciting new developments to the 3 classes this year and all three sets of Rules and Regulations are on the website to download now.  The dates of the Regional Finals are now on our website click here to check out when and where your nearest regional final is being held.

Register now...

Please login now to register your team for the new season.  You can register up to three teams per school/college/youth group with 3-6 students per team.

NEW Formula One Class

This year the R-Type class has been replaced with the Formula One Class.  There have been some changes to the rules and regulations so please click here to visit the website and download the NEW Rules and Regulations .

GT in Schools Class

After success at the National Final the GT Class is back with some major changes to the rules and regulations. The most significant change is the removal of Clay Modeling and Scanning from the rules and regulations, this is now included as an optional part of the challenge.  GT in Schools cars will now also be manufactued from a block of Balsa Wood as opposed to the foam blocks which were previously used.  Click the following link to download the NEW Rules and Regulations.


F1 in Schools has teamed up with BLOODHOUND SSC to create the all new F1 in Schools BLOODHOUND SSC Class.  This will replace the D-Type class.

The BLOODHOUND SSC project which aims to break the World Land Speed Record by achieving 1000mph is an iconic engineering adventure that will push technology to its limit . An SSC is a Super Sonic Car that is a car which travels faster than the speed of sound . The F1 in Schools BLOODHOUND SSC class is a new concept built around speed and aerodynamics with just one key design rule stating that the vehicle must have four wheels. Click here to download the rules and regulations.  Please note there is no weight limit for this class.



Registration for the 2009/10 UK Regional Finals has been EXTENDED and will close on Friday 30th October. Register your team now for your nearest regional final during November and December 2009.

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