Red Dragon Racing with team members Macaulay Owen, 15,Rhys Nimmo, 18, Lewis Steen, 17, George Cox, 18, Casey Burke, 16, won the Best Engineered Car, Fastest F1 Car Award and won the F1 Class,

George said “Today has been a really great experience. It's been a great opportunity and we've had good fun. We performed well as a team and we're looking forward to the Nationals. We'll make some changes to the car, particularly the wheels. It will be great to race against the other winners at the next stage”.

Transmission from Ysgol Glen Clwyd were runners up in the F1 Class. The team comprised of Laura Hughes, 16, Hannah Hughes 15, Matthew Jenkins, 17, Stanley Montgomery, 16, Josh Hills, 17.

Josh said after the event, “We're really happy with the result. It was quite unexpected but we're very pleased to be going through to the National Finals.  We've come very close as a team over the last few months as we've been making the car and creating our team identity. We're now looking forward to the National Finals”.

The Red Dragons from St.Davids High School, Chester, won the Best Rookie Team Award to claim their place in Birmingham. Tom Green, 13, Jack Jones, 13, Alex Hippolite, 13, Libby Kent, 13, Caitlin Webster, 14, and Lydia Harrison, 13, were delighted with their success saying, “We've enjoyed actually being here and racing and seeing how everyone else has done. We're going to improve our car and make it more professional. The best part of the event has been the racing”.

A team from Ysgol Glen Clwyd with team members Howard Evans, 14, Elga Hills, 14, Euan Rhians, 13, Gwen Williams, 13, Karen Roberts, 14, and Megan Williams, 13, had the Fastest Bloodhound car and won the Bloodhound Class to go to the Nationals.

Gwen said, “We're very excited to have got through to the finals and we're very proud of what we've done. We're happy to have got this far and we'll be working on our car to improve it for the National Finals”.

Sydnyn from Rhyl High School, with Holly Jones,12, Max Evans, 13, Jordan Marsden,13,  Demi Nock,13, Megan Evans, 13 and Jennifer Williams, 12, were pleased to be Runners Up in the Bloodhound Class for their place at the National Finals.

Jennifer said afterwards, “My favourite part about doing the F1 in Schools challenge has been learning about all the materials and the aerodynamics information you need to learn to make the car”. Holly added, “I'm really looking forward to going to the National Finals, but we need to improve our portfolio and our presentation”.

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