Team dynamic with matthew hancock at westminsterTeam Dynamic, UK National champions of the 2010 and 2011 F1 in Schools™ Formula One Technology Challenge and a team named RUSH, who  will be representing England at the 2012 F1 in Schools World Finals proudly presented a showcase of the F1 in Schools programme to Matthew Hancock, the newly appointed Minister for Skills, at his governmental office in Westminster, London.

The two teams of students were given a unique opportunity to introduce Mr Hancock to the F1 in Schools programme and explain its value to them. Team RUSH from Robert May's School, Odiham, Hampshire are preparing to travel to Abu Dhabi for the F1 in Schools World Finals and gave Mr Hancock an overview of the work involved in the project, as well as detailing the skills they have learned which ranged from business planning, key skills and teamwork to 3D CAD and engineering expertise.

Dynamic, a team of boys and girls from St. John Payne School, Chelmsford, competed in F1 in Schools for three years and have all finished their secondary education and gained excellent A level results. Their presentation to Mr Hancock focused on the impact their involvement in F1 in Schools has had in relation to their future careers, with all five students explaining its value for employment and training opportunities.

Mr Hancock said, “Our physicists, aerodynamicists and engineers are at the pinnacle of world motorsport. The leading F1 teams' cars are designed, built and developed in the UK by British engineers.

“F1 in Schools is an excellent way of attracting young minds to science, engineering and maths. It was fantastic to meet the pupils from Robert May's and St John Payne schools. I was hugely impressed by their passion and enthusiasm for the project.

“With programmes like F1 in Schools encouraging more young people to study the sciences and engineering, I am confident that the UK's position as a hub of technological innovation will continue long into the future.”

Team rushThe two teams of students were accompanied by Andrew Denford, Founder and Chairman, F1 in Schools. He gave Mr. Hancock an overview of F1 in Schools and its benefits to the students and schools and said of the meeting, “It was a real breakthrough for F1 in Schools to be presented to government and to have the opportunity to showcase how valuable it can be for students. I am very proud of both the teams who met Mr Hancock; they gave highly professional, insightful and polished presentations which clearly demonstrated just how beneficial F1 in Schools has been in their education and achievements.”

Denford adds, “I would like to thank Mr Hancock for meeting with us as this enabled the students to give him a better understanding of how F1 in Schools fits in to today's curriculums and supports the government's efforts to increase uptake of apprenticeships and vocational learning.”

F1 in Schools aims to help change perceptions of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) by creating a fun and exciting learning environment for young people to develop an informed view about careers in engineering, Formula One™, Science, marketing and technology.  Students are given a brief to design a model compressed air powered F1 Car of the future using CAD/CAM Engineering techniques. Cars are then manufactured on a CNC machinetogether with 3D printers. Each team of between three and six students brings together their portfolio of work to present to a judging panel with a verbal and written presentation to support their model car, which is raced on a specially designed test track.

The cars race on a 20 metre track, with the cars covering the distance in just over one second, a speed barrier which is yet to be broken by any student team since it was set by Team FUGA from Northern Ireland at the 2007 World Finals with a time of 1.020 seconds.

The F1 in Schools programme operates in over 40 countries. Each of the National Champions is invited to the World Finals, competing for the prestigious Bernie Ecclestone World Champions trophy and coveted automotive and motorsport engineering scholarships to City University London.

F1 in Schools is supported by Formula One Management and Bernie Ecclestone together with The Institution of Engineering and Technology and City University London.


For further information contact:

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Team Dynamic, UK National champions of the 2010 and 2011 F1 in Schools™ Formula One Technology Challenge and a team named RUSH, who will be representing England at the 2012 F1 in Schools World Finals proudly presented a showcase of the...

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