F1 in Schools, a highly acclaimed cross-curricular educational initiative for students aged 9-19 years, is moving into the classroom with the launch of comprehensive curriculum resource materials. The F1 in Schools challenge has been running for over ten years, with outstanding success in achieving its goal of encouraging young people to consider engineering as a career. Using the popularity of Formula 1, the most watched sport in the world, F1 in Schools draws in students to apply their learning and capture the excitement and glamour of motorsport.


The F1 in Schools Curriculum Resource is a set of cross-curricular materials to help schools run a project based on F1 in Schools. Using the materials, a whole year group can now be involved in designing, making and then racing miniature balsa wood cars powered by compressed gas. The resource provides guidance to help prepare pupils to enter a regional heat of the F1 in Schools challenge or alternatively, to run a standalone, whole-school project, ending with an in-school challenge. The sessions, which cover a broad spectrum that includes English, ICT and citizenship as well as STEM subjects, are ideal for use during lesson time or in an after-school club.


Over the last decade, the F1 in Schools challenge has helped to engage countless young people who might not otherwise have taken an interest in science and engineering, helping them to see the practical applications of these subjects in an instantly relatable context. Now, using the cross-curricular materials, teachers have the support they need to extend this benefit to many more pupils by integrating F1 in Schools into lessons, and to increase engagement in a wider array of subjects. The materials are detailed enough to support even teachers with limited prior knowledge of F1 events.


Andrew Denford, founder and chairman of F1 in Schools, says of the expansion into curriculum resource materials, “We have established F1 in Schools as one of the leading extra-curricular programmes for students and after many years of being asked for school resources we felt that it was the right time to expand and offer students the opportunity to use the programme within the classroom. The power of Formula 1 is just phenomenal; students really engage with their studies by taking on the F1 in Schools challenge and learning by practical application is exemplified in this initiative. We hope that schools will appreciate the value that this resource can bring and take a test drive of it, as I know it will be a hit with the students. It not only covers 10 different subjects in the 11-19 age range but will inevitably raise standards and improve qualification results.


“Schools taking up the F1 in Schools Curriculum Resource also open up many more new opportunities for their students. Not only is it a classroom project, but with a competitive element and the chance for teams to compete against other schools, the achievements can be very rewarding. Each year schools from the UK compete in National and, ultimately, the World finals, visiting exotic locations such as Singapore, Australia and Malaysia, enriching their learning by meeting students from other countries and cultures. F1 in Schools is not just about building a miniature racing car, it has proved to be a life-changing experience for many students.”


Three editions of the F1 in Schools Curriculum Resource are available, each catering for a different age range. The Bloodhound SSC edition is designed for pupils aged 9–14 and is based around the entry-level Bloodhound SSC Class of the F1 in Schools challenge, with 60 fully-resourced session plans in nine subjects: art and design, citizenship, design and technology, English, enterprise education, ICT, mathematics, PE and science. The other two editions are aimed at students aged 11–19 entering the F1 Class of the F1 in Schools challenge, with additional session plans on aerofoils for the 11–14 age group and advanced activities for the 14-19 pupils.


The F1 in Schools Curriculum Resource is provided on a simple web site that a school can subscribe to each year, with the material designed to be downloaded and shared in the school, so that all departments can benefit, and everyone in the school can have access to the resource. Published by Pearson Publishing, an annual subscription is priced at £295+VAT. For further information visit www.F1inSchools.co.uk or www.pearsonpublishing.co.uk/fscr.


F1 in Schools is moving into the classroom with the launch of comprehensive curriculum resource materials.

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