The Scottish F1 in Schools Regional Final 2015 hel at Fife College, Kirkcaldy produced five National Finals teams.


Team Atlanta from Aberdeen Grammar School took the honours in the F1 Class of the competition, Two teams from Deans Community High School, Livingston, took second and third places, with Team Vortex in the runners-up spot and Team Apex just behind in third.  Teams. They are joined at the National Finals by Woodmill Falcons from Woodmill High School, Dunfermline, newcomers to the F1 in Schools competition who were awarded first place in the F1 Rookie Class. The final place at the National Finals was taken by Swift from Kilmarnock Academy, winners of the Bloodhound Class for11 – 14 years old students.


Team Atalanta said of competing in F1 in Schools, “Everything came together for us in the end, although we didn’t expect to win, although we had faith in our team. We’re pleased to have two awards. We’ll make quite a few changes we’ll make for the National Finals and lots of improvements. The chance to go to the World Finals is another step closer.”


Woodmill Falcons were delighted to win and said of the competition, “We think we’ve done really well today. We’ll look at the design and quality of the car for the National Finals and start planning now for it. It’s been quite an achievement to reach this far, so it’ll be great to go to the next stage. We’re going to Nando’s now to celebrate!”


Swift enjoyed the Regional Finals, saying, “We’re very excited to be going to the National Finals, looking forward to the whole experience, the atmosphere and everything. We will make some improvements to the car for it too. We’ve enjoyed the team spirit and competing against the other teams in Scotland.”



 Full list of Winners:


Team Atalanta, Aberdeen Grammar School

First place, F1 Class, Fastest F1 Class car Award


Team Vortex from Deans Community High School

Second place, F1 Class


Team Apex, Deans Community High School

Third place, F1 Class, Team Identity Award


Swift, Kilmarnock Academy

First place Bloodhound Class 11 – 14 years


Woodmill Falcons, Woodmill High School

First place F1 Rookie Class, Fastest F1 Rookie Class, Best Engineered Rookie Class Car Award, Team Sponsorship & Marketing Award  


Formula Force, Knox Academy

Best Engineered F1 Class Car Award    


Daniel Stewarts and Melville College

Fastest Bloodhound Car Award, Innovative Thinking Award


Kinetc, The Community School of Auchterarder

Judges Discretionary Award         


MACH 1, Kilmarnock Academy

Best Engineered Bloodhound Car, Best Research and Development Award

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