IET faraday

The engagement of young people and

teachers is through a programme of specially made films, student

challenges, school visits and teaching resources. Resource

materials are available free to all schools throughout the year

through a high quality, interactive website. Students will create

their own competition entries and compete for fantastic prizes.

There are also the action-packed Faraday Engineering Challenge

Days which are creative and inspiring opportunities for schools to take

part in around the country. Winners from the days will be chosen to

attend the live Faraday Challenge Final to compete for the 'Faraday Team

of the Year' award. This will be held in London during the first UK Young

Scientists and Engineers Fair in March 09. Every year, the IET Faraday explores

different aspects of science and engineering to highlight the diversity

and excitement of this high technology profession.

In 2008/9 the theme is engineering in sport. Inspiring role

models will reinforce the image of engineering as a worthwhile,

interesting and varied career choice.


For further information please visit


The IET Faraday informs young people about the world of science, engineering and technology and inspires them to become involved in it...

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