The Whittle Wonders team with team members Thomas Bradford, 15, Team Manager; Harry Birch, 16, Testing Engineer; Ryan McLaren, 15, Manufacturing Engineer and Thomas Govern, 15, Design Engineer won the F1 Class, Fastest F1 car Award and Innovative Thinking Award at the Central F1 in Schools Regional Final, booking their place at the National Finals which take place at the Big Bang Science Fair at NEC, Birmingham in March. 

Thomas Bradford said of winning through to the F1 in Schools National Finals, “We won, I'm very happy about that. I think the team did really well and we're really looking forward to going to the finals in March. I think we'll probably make some changes for the Nationals. We'll improve on stuff and make it better.”

Joining Whittle Wonders will be Sonic Boom, Raw Racing and Team Luminus. 

Sonic Boom with team members David Parker, 14, Team Manager; Jonas Hey, 14, Manufacturing Engineer; Billy Divers-England, 13, Design Engineer; Joel Shinu,14, Resources Manager and Callum Armstrong, 14, Graphic Designer won the Bloodhound Class. 

David Parker said of winning through to the F1 in Schools National Finals, “We're really excited, as it's the first time we've made it through from the regional finals to the Nationals. We've have had to do a lot of work and have had to do extra days outside of school. We're going to improve the car - lighter, slimmer and faster. It'll be good to meet new people at the Finals and seeing how competitive we are against the other teams.”
Raw Racing with team members Phillip Maddocks, 18, Team Manager; Kiran Patel, 17, Head Engineer; Jake Hourd, 17, Creative director and William Ivison, 17,Head of Presentations won the Best Engineered Car Award and Best Rookie Team Award.  

Phillip said of winning through to the F1 in Schools National Finals, “We're really excited that we won today, we didn't really expect it. We're really looking forward to the nationals. We're thinking more about the practical side of the testing this time, as we focused on virtual testing for the regionals.”

The all-girls Team Luminus with team members Harriet Pavet-Golding, 16, Team Manager; Eleanor Owers, 14, Design Engineer and Chloe Drewery, 14, Design Engineer won the Team Sponsoship and Marketing Award, and were Runners Up in the F1 Class.

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