F1 in Schools™ will showcase its Formula One™ student challenge at the United States Grand Prix, with a head-to-head race between teams from Honda Racing F1, Scuderia Ferrari, and students from UK and USA schools on Thursday 29 June.

The F1™ teams are up against tough competition with their challengers already proving that they are capable of building winning cars. The USA Flying Cougars student team from Marietta, Georgia are the F1 in Schools™ USA National Champions and the Bradfield Panthers, from Sheffield are the UK National Champions.

The F1™ teams have the latest technologies on hand for their car builds, but for their F1 in Schools™ debut neither team has tested their car against experienced competition. A purpose-built 20 metre track will be used to test the speed of the 1:20 scale CO2 powered balsa wood F1™ cars which have been designed, analysed, manufactured and tested by each team. 

F1 in Schools™ has been given generous support by The Formula One Group and Indianapolis Motor Speedway to host the event and welcome the student teams into the World of Formula One™. The Formula One™ F1 in Schools™ challenge is a valuable opportunity to showcase this unique educational initiative which will be filmed by international broadcasters for their US Grand Prix Formula One™ coverage.

 Andrew Denford, Founder and Chairman of F1 in Schools Ltd, says of the forthcoming event, “First of all I would like to thank Bernie Ecclestone, for giving us so much support and enabling us to make this challenge happen. Our thanks go to Ferrari and Honda Racing F1 too, for being brave enough to take up the offer of building a car and racing it, untried, in public.

“This event will put a spotlight on the F1 in Schools™ programme and I hope it will encourage more schools and students to participate in the F1 in Schools™ Technology Challenge around the world.”

 F1 in Schools™ is a not-for-profit organisation solely supported by sponsors and partners. Launched in Britain in 2000, F1 in Schools™ now covers the world. In November 2005, it received the backing of the Formula One™ group which granted a world-wide protected trademark and logo. F1 in Schools™ is acknowledged as highlighting some of the finest design and engineering minds of the teen generation, including potential future Formula One™ design stars.

F1 in Schools™ will showcase its Formula One™ student challenge at the United States Grand Prix....

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