F1 in Schools - A Life Changing Experience

Competing in F1 in Schools gives you a unique opportunity to develop key skills such as; communication, presenting and team work which will form the foundation of your future in any career path you choose to follow. Working in teams of between 3-6 students, you will follow the same processes real Formula One teams follow from your initial business plan through to your car design. You will be using Computer Aided Design (CAD) software, data analysis using CFD and drag calculation software, Computerised Numerical Control (CNC) machinery to manufacture your car, and wind and smoke tunnels for testing. Finally you will race your car on our 20m F1 in Schools race track to see who has designed and manufactured the fastest car.

Where Could F1 in Schools Take You?

As a team you will register to take part in your local Regional Final where you will compete against other teams from your area. Regional winners will go through to the UK National Final to compete again against other regional winners for the title of UK National Champions. This process is repeated around the world in over 40 countries where National Champions from every country are invited to compete at the World Finals where they will go head to head to become the F1 in Schools World Champions and lift the Bernie Ecclestone F1 in Schools World Champions trophy. The 2015-16 challenge reached and exceeded all expectations, with 23 countries producing 37 teams to compete at the 2016 World Finals in Austin, Texas. The current World Champions are Infinite Racing the first team from Greece to receive the title!  This year, we are expanding further and hope to have even more countries taking part in the 2017 World Finals in Malaysia, in what will be a spectacular competition.

What is F1 in Schools to you?

You are the Formula One Team commissioned to design, construct and race the fastest Formula One car of the future, driven by compact compressed air cylinders. In order to enter the championship, you must allocate job roles to the members of your group. Ideally, one role should be allocated to each person. However, you may have to double up on your roles and responsibilities, depending on the number of people you have available. The following job roles, are examples of what could be covered by the members of your team:

• Team Manager (maximum 1 person)
Responsible for managing the team, ensuring that the primary and back-up cars are ready for the finals. The team manager works closely with all members of the team, offering assistance where necessary.

• Resources Manager
Organises time, materials and equipment for designing and making the cars.
They could be responsible for developing ideas regarding team marketing (presentation). The resources manager will need to liaise with all members to check tasks are progressing on time and offer additional help, if needed.

• Manufacturing Engineer
Responsible for advising team members on the manufacture of the car and the constraints of the machining process. Manufacturing engineers will need to liaise with the design engineers to report and help solve any problems with construction of the car.

• Design Engineer
Responsible for the styling and aerodynamic performance of the car design. Design engineers will need to liaise with the manufacturing engineers to ensure their ideas can be realised.

 Graphic Designer
Responsible for producing the colour schemes applied to the vehicle, including any special sponsorship decals, together with the final graphic renderings and any additional team marketing materials. The graphic designer will need to liaise with the design engineer to ensure any schemes will fit the shape of the vehicle and the resources manager for additional marketing development.

There are so many tasks that must be mastered, in order to design, manufacture, prepare and finally enter a car for racing, that teamwork will be vital to your success. A real F1 team succeeds because all the people learn to work together and support each other. Remember, no one person is more important than other members in the team. 

How Do You Get Involved?

So you think you’re ready for the challenge? Follow the steps below to get involved and take part in the most exciting STEM challenge in the world…

  1. Form a team of between 3-6 students aged between 9-19 years old. 
  2. Allocate your team job roles as detailed above.
  3. Decide which competition class you will enter; Jaguar Primary School Challenge, Rookie Class, Formula One Class.
  4. Register your team to compete at 1 of 10 Regional Finals across the UK click here to register now.
  5. Download the Technical and Competition Rules and Regulations click here to download them now.
  6. As a team sit down and READ the Rules and Regulations, then READ them again to make sure everyone understands what needs to be done.
  7. Register and download your FREE copy of Autodesk software click here to request Autodesk software.
  8. Once you feel confident enough to be able to secure a place at the regional final, every Development and Professional Class team will be required to raise a one-off registration fee for their regional final, of £75+VAT. Further details of this fee are explained in the Competition Regulations.

Student Accreditation

As well as the certificate that each F1 in Schools competitor receives it is also possible to gain other awards, with the work completed by the students for the challenge. Below are a few of the schemes that can be accessed through the F1 in Schools Technology Challenge. If you would like any further details about the schemes mentioned below, please contact us.

• CREST Awards - CREST (CREativity in Science and Technology) is the nationwide award scheme for project work in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM). The scheme recognises project work at three levels: Bronze, Silver and Gold. The criteria at each award level focuses on the individual students’ creativity, problem solving skills and communication skills. Please contact your local CREST coordinator (contact details listed on the CREST website) to discuss how your F1 in Schools project work can be used to gain CREST award. www.britishscienceassociation.org/crest.

 Duke of Edinburgh Award - The Duke of Edinburgh Award is split into five sections: Service, Skills, Physical Recreation, Expedition and Residential Project. The work done for the F1 in Schools challenge can be used as part of the 'skills' section of the award. Those entering this scheme need to think creatively and make sure you keep records of all your work using an activities log. www.theaward.org.
• The Year in Industry - The Year in Industry or YINI, as it is also known, is a scheme for 'gap year' students who want to spend a year in industry before or during university. So after competing in F1 in Schools, students can take a year out in the engineering industry before going into further education. www.yini.org.uk.

• The Big Bang Fair - The Big Bang: UK Young Scientists & Engineers Fair is the UK’s biggest single celebration of science and engineering for young people and aims to celebrate and inspire them. Involving over 150 organisations from across the private, public and voluntary sectors, and reaching out to schools and students across the country, The Big Bang represents a true partnership of the UK’s science and engineering communities. The Big Bang Fair is held annually at the NEC, Birmingham. www.thebigbangfair.co.uk.

Case Study - Emily Latham

Has being involved in F1 in Schools changed my life? Definitely!

Formula One racing is about achievement. It’s about how you set a goal and, through teamwork, planning, excellence and hard work, how you achieve that goal. You need exactly the same attributes to be successful in F1 in Schools and, ultimately, successful in life. My outlook has changed. Previously I had hopes and aspirations for the future but F1 in Schools has taught me how I can make my dreams become reality. It has taught me the importance of working effectively with others and as part of a team. Within our team we have built unshakeable bonds and we work closely with people from the local community as well as national and international businesses. Our achievement in F1 in Schools has also made me realise that success comes through hard work and this will be the same for other areas of life, whether personally, academically or in any future career. This competition has given me something that the National Curriculum never could; the chance to have fun with my friends whilst encompassing every discipline possible; providing me with an invaluable wealth of experience. It has also given me so many opportunities; Formula 1 is such a high-powered, high-pressure world but being part of F1 in Schools has allowed us to visit team factories, travel the world and be in the pits and garages at Grand Prix’s just minutes before the start of a race.

Taking part in this competition has given me the drive to succeed in life, to get a good job, to meet new people and make new friends. It has made me realise that I can achieve anything that I want to.  

I’ve had the time of my life and there’s only more to come.

Career Advice

Please find below a number of website links to organisations who offer career advice, support and information for students…
• www.tomorrowsengineers.org.uk
Tomorrow’s Engineers is a one stop shop for information and resources about the amazing careers available in engineering.

• www.bestCourse4me.com  
Best Course 4 Me helps students make those all-important university and career choices.

• www.engineeringcareers.co.uk/engineering-apprentice
Engineering careers offers useful and interesting information about engineering apprentices, highlighting the wealth of opportunities available through a career in engineering and the vocational route into industry.

• www.rcuk.ac.uk 
Research Councils UK (RCUK) has lots of personal career stories and their rewarding experiences from their chosen career paths.

• www.engineergirl.org
Ideas, careers info and advice for budding female engineers

• www.prospects.ac.uk/index.htm
Higher Education Careers Services Unit

• www.ucas.ac.uk
Universities and Colleges Admissions Service for the UK

How to Request Autodesk CAD Software if you are a Student

We are delighted to have Autodesk as our Premium Global Software Partner, providing free tools for the next generation of design.   Through F1 in Schools, schools are provided software to support their teams through the competition season. 
How to Request Autodesk CAD Software if you are a Student
Students also have the opportunity to access their own free copy of the software for their personal learning needs by visiting The Autodesk Student Community. 
For more information about how to request and access the student software please read the 'Student/Faculty/Mentor Software' section on pages 4-10 of the following document -  How to Download Autodesk Software for F1 in Schools
The Free Software comprises of the complete Autodesk suite including the following:
 •Autodesk Inventor
 •Autodesk Flow Design
 •Autodesk Showcase
 •Autodesk SIM CFD
 •Autodesk Pixlr
 •Autodesk Sketchbook
Get up to speed quickly with our resources
Design and analysis of your car can start right now. Check out these Tutorial Videos to get you started with Autodesk Inventor, Autodesk Showcase, and Autodesk Falcon.
Autodesk has developed training materials that will help students and mentors understand how to properly leverage the software solutions to design their cars. Check out these ibooks to help jump start the process.
Introduction to Autodesk® Inventor
Introduction to Autodesk® Project Falcon (airflow)
Introduction to Autodesk® Showcase

PDF Downloads
Autodesk Inventor F1 in Schools (Print Version)
Autodesk Inventor F1 in Schools (Screen Version)
Autodesk Showcase F1 in Schools (Print Version)
Autodesk Showcase F1 in Schools (Screen Version)
Introduction to Autodesk Flow Design F1 in Schools (Print Version)
Introduction to Autodesk Flow Design F1 in Schools (Screen Version)
Inventor Course F1 in Schools Dataset
For more information about Autodesk please visit their website www.autodesk.com


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We are delighted to have Autodesk as our Premium Global Software Partner, providing free tools for the next generation of design.   Through F1 in Schools, schools are provided software to support their teams through the competitio...

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