Help your pupils become World Champions...

The F1 in Schools Curriculum Resource is a set of cross-curricular materials to help you run a project based on the popular F1 in Schools competition. Designed for pupils aged between 9 and 19, it includes over 60 fully-resourced session plans – everything you need for running the project in your school. Click here to find out more information about the F1 in Schools Curriculum Resource, including:

  • About – find out more about what is included.
  • Using – find out how the resource can be accessed, and what materials/equipment you need to run the project.
  • Managing – find out how the resource can support staff.
  • Benefits – learn how the resource can enrich your school.
  • Subscribe – purchase the F1 in Schools Curriculum Resource.

Some general information about the scope of the resources:

  • Both published editions cover 9 subjects: English, Maths, Science, ICT, Design and Technology, Enterprise Education, Art and Design, PE and Citizenship.
  • The Bloodhound SSC edition has 58 lesson plans, and the F1 Class 11-14 edition has 60 lesson plans. Both have enough for 14 days of lessons in total.
  • Delivery is flexible. The lesson plans are designed to be adapted to teachers' requirements. Sessions can be timetabled in place of some normal lessons over the course of a term, or on a fortnightly cross-curricular day set aside for the purpose.
  • Full instructions are given on running an in-school F1 in Schools challenge, providing an exciting climax to the project.
  • There is extensive guidance on how to run the project, including timetabling, promoting it in school, and linking the sessions to students' regular work.

To view a brief demonstration of the material, visit user name 'demo' and password 'password'.

The F1 in Schools Curriculum Resources presents the opportunity for your School or College to:

  • Bring learning to life.
  • Motivate students.
  • Set up cross-curricular learning easily and quickly.
  • Reward your students at a regional, national and international level.

Benefit the whole School / College

The F1 in Schools Resources can help your School / College to:

  • Improve motivation – the engaging nature of the activities and the glamorous topic makes students want to learn.
  • Raise achievement – the element of competition makes students want to do well.
  • Encourage independent learning – the open-ended nature of the project enables young peoples’ talent to flourish – whatever their interests.
  • Involve students of all ages and abilities – the resource helps to embed the competition across the School / College.

To view a brief demonstration of the material, visit user name 'demo' and password 'password'.

To find out further information about the materials please visit the Curriculum Resource website here.

 To find out more or to purchase your copy please contact the Denford Sales Team on 01484 728000 or email