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The aim of these guides is to explain the design and manufacturing processes for producing the body of the F1 in Schools car.

A number of the teams taking part in the F1 in Schools Technology Challenge do not have access to their own CNC router and rely on the services of a Manufacturing Centre.

Manufacturing a design is a complicated process which takes time and can be very difficult if the design has not been produced with the manufacturing process in mind.

In order to assist the teams using the Manufacturing Centres these guides will explain the manufacturing process and layout a few design rules which must be followed in order to use the manufacturing service.


DOWNLOADF1 in Schools Autodesk Inventor Professional 2016 Design Guide


DOWNLOAD - Autodesk Files

DOWNLOAD - QuickCAM Pro Advanced Milling CAM Software F1 in Schools Training Guide


DOWNLOAD - F1 in Schools Car Manufacturing Design Guide


DOWNLOAD - VR CNC Milling V5CNC Machine Control SoftwareTraining Guide